Da Yang

Assistant Professor

University of California, Davis

Faculty Scientist

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

253 Hoagland Hall,

Davis, CA 95616


My research interests are in the physics of rainstorms and atmospheric circulations in a changing climate. I am particularly interested in what environmental factors control the temporal and spatial scales of rainstorms, how will the characteristic scales of rainstorms change in a warmer climate, and how the collective effects of individual rainstorms, in turn, shape Earth's climate. 


Dec. 2019: Our group is seeking an ambitious and creative postdoctoral scholar to study atmospheric convection and climate change. Please see Openings for details. 

Oct. 2019: I received a David and Lucile Packard Fellowship. Please see the press releases at the Packard FoundationUC Davis, LBNL, and Twitter.  

Nov. 2019: Our new paper "Size of the Atmospheric Blocking Events: Scaling Law and Response to Climate Change"​ was published in Geophysical Research Letters.

Oct. 2019: Our new paper "Enhanced Equatorial Warming Causes Deep-Tropical Contraction and Subtropical Monsoon Shift" was published in Nature Climate Change

Aug. 2019: Our new paper "Convective Heating Leads to Self-Aggregation by Generating Available Potential Energy" was published in Geophysical Research Letters. See research page for a plain-language summary.  

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